You will need at least two pieces of paper, because the calendar consists of two different pages. Once printed, you can tape the two pages together. If you are permitted to, I suggest taping the calendar on the wall by your bed. That will make it easier to for you at the end of each day.

And if for some reason you fall behind, or start late, remember that it is NEVER too late to start! As the saying goes, “better late than never.” And don’t lose heart! Ask your Guardian Angel to help you catch up, as it were, and make up for the lost time.

If you have not already, please read my letter “How to Have a Holy Lent.” Human Beings are the sort of creatures that need a goal; that need a good and strong motivation. And so, this year, let your goal for Lent be to make true reparation to Our Lord and Our Lady for all of your sins and the sins of the world. And what better motivation, than to know that your dear Savior and His sweet Mother really and truly want, and yes, even need – your consoling love.

They love you so much. This Lent, show Them how much you love Them. And remember that true love is proven in deeds and desires.

The Lenten Path
The purpose of the Lenten Path is to help you in your Lenten resolutions. Whatever it is that you may be giving up or doing as a mortification during this holy season – this calendar will help you keep track of your progress and perseverance. 40 days is quite a bit of time and it is easy to get side tracked and lose sight of your goal. And so your Lenten Path is to assist you in charting your sacrifices and good works – so that, staying focused, you will reach the goal you set out to achieve.

Now the way this calendar works is very simple. At the end of each day, having kept track of both your good works and your sacrifices, write down their totals in that day’s slot. Mark your total number of sacrifices next to the cross and put the total number of your good works next to the heart. Then at the end of Lent, add everything up for the Final Total. I would even suggest that you give yourself a concrete goal at the start of Lent and see if, by the grace of God, you can reach it.

To help you keep track, you may look into getting or making a pair of “Sacrifice Beads”. To read more about them, or see how to make them, please click on this link. There are lots of different ways to make sacrifices and perform good works and every day presents many precious opportunities. For more ideas, see “What Sacrifices can I make?”

To print off the calendar, you will first need to save it to your computer. It is a PDF file. Simply right-click the 'Download the Lenten Path 2017' link and choose "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As..." (or something similar). Once it is on your computer, you can print it from there. (If you need a PDF reader, please let us know. They are free and we can point you to one.)

Please remember, when you print anything from the Catholic Kingdom, to PRINT ON DRAFT QUALITY. Please conserve your ink by using the LOWEST quality settings on your printer. If you need help, please ask your parents to help you.

(Right-click and click "Save Link As..." or "Save Target As...")