Please be sure that you have read “How to have a Holy Lent”. In it is explained the definition, and more importantly the reason, for sacrifices. It also describes the necessary elements in making a sacrifice and answers questions like: Why should I make a sacrifice? What should I think about? Can anything be a sacrifice? What if I already have to do a chore? Does that not count? What is the difference between a sacrifice and a good work?

So again, please make sure to read my letter “How to have a Holy Lent.”

What follows is simply a list of possible sacrifices to keep in mind. These are things that can easily, and most probably will, come up in day to day life. They are the little things that, more often than not, go by unnoticed and are at times, therefore, the most difficult. But it is most especially in the little things that we must prove our fidelity to God. For as Christ Himself says, if you cannot be faithful in little things, how will you be faithful in big things?

And so, in this blessed season of Lent, when God is especially looking to give graces to those who are trying to do penance – let us ask for His and Our Lady’s help. I guarantee you, if you ask, They will give it.

Now there are lots of different sacrifices people can make. Some people choose something at the beginning of Lent (like giving up sweets or TV) and try to stick to it all the way through. But sometimes it's easy to try to ‘cheat’ and give up something that’s kind of hard, but then go and console ourselves by indulging in something else. For example, those who give up candy, may spend hours infront of the TV – and think that they are satisfying their Lenten obligation. Technically, maybe so – but in reality, not at all. It has to be a penitential spirit that we strive to have in our hearts. Again, human beings need a motivation and, if you have not, please read “How to have a Holy Lent”, because we at the Catholic Kingdom are giving ourselves a focus this year, and we invite you to join us!

But to conclude on what I was saying. There are different ways to choose sacrifices that we will do. We can pick them ahead of time, like I said. This is definitely not a bad thing and, if we can keep to it, it can be very fruitful.

If you take a look at sacrifices – you will see that we are avoiding a certain vice by practicing the opposite virtue. Below, as you see, I have listed seven basic virtues and with them appropriate possible sacrifices. I have them organized like this for a few reasons.

First of all, it is good to keep in mind the virtue we are striving to practice. Because all of us have some vice that we generally struggle with, whether its selfishness, lazyness or what have you. Pride, as you know, is the mother of all sin – and so you will find it in every vice you struggle with. For this reason, humility is always the most beneficial virtue to practice. Also, humility is the mother of all the other virtues and so practicing it will help you practice the others. So, sometimes, you may want to reflect upon your faults and see where your greatest struggle lies and try to fight that with the opposite virtue.

Second of all, some people like to give themselves a daily focus. For example, you could take the seven virtues listed below and try to pick one a day for the focus of that day’s sacrifice. You could assign a virtue to each day of the week. Or you could write each one down on a piece of paper and, at the start of the day, say a prayer and blindly pick which virtue to focus on that day.

Again, there are many ways to do it. And there are lots more sacrifices than what is listed here. Each day will present something different and unique. And know that each day, Jesus and Mary have purposefully arranged some beautiful opportunities of sacrifice for you and are ready to give you all the help that you need. You only have to ask Them!


  • Try to not let anyone know about something good you did. Do not look for the praise of others.
  • Don’t make excuses for yourself.
  • Do not force/voice your opinion, but do it someone else’s way.
  • If someone accuses you of something you didn’t do or gets mad at you for no good reason, simply apologize sincerely as if you were at fault. And forgive and forget.
  • When you have done something wrong, don’t be forced or cornered into making an apology. You be the one to admit and apologize for it, right away.
  • Be respectful. Because you already should be respectful towards your parents, make an extra effort for them.


  • Share your time with others in productive or innocent activities that may not interest you. (Like playing the game your sibling wants instead of the one you had in mind)
  • Give/share something special to you with another.
  • For the love of God, offer up not having sweets
  • Sacrifice the opportunity to play a video game or watch TV


  • Do not complain.
  • If you have to wait because someone else is late (like coming to a meal), then patiently make the sacrifice of waiting. Take the opportunity to say an extra prayer.
  • If someone does wrong to you (either on purpose or accidently), try hard to be patient – and not let them see how hard you are trying. Forgive them as you would want be forgiven.
  • If there is something that someone does that annoys you (even if you have told them a hundred times to please not do it) – when they do it, don’t say a word. Simply offer it up.


  • Try very hard to pay attention to your prayers
  • Make a special effort to say your morning and evening prayers.
  • Take the time to make at least one Spiritual Communion a day.
  • Say a prayer (or even just a ‘hello’) to your Guardian Angel frequently throughout the day. Really try to remember he is at your side and talk to him and ask him for help.
  • Go to confession more often, and ask for the grace to prepare well.


  • Take special notice of the little things throughout the day that you take for granted and thank God in your heart. Thank Him also for whomever He is using as His tool to give it to you. So, for example, be grateful to your father that you have a home, with a bed to sleep on and food in the refrigerator. Be thankful to your mother that she washed your dirty clothes and for the dinner she cooked for you. If you are blessed with siblings, thank God for their companionship and love for you.
  • Make a real effort to find something to be grateful for in the things that bother you. For example, if you think your little sibling is being annoying, look for something about them to be grateful for. Even if you think there’s nothing, say a prayer and you’ll remember some time that even you can admit they did something nice for/to you. Focus on that and how, really, your life would be sadder without them.


  • Refrain from saying something if you even suspect it would cause someone else pain.
  • Make the effort to give a sincere kind word, look or smile (especially if you do not want to or feel like it)
  • Give people the benefit of the doubt and assume a good intention to whatever anyone does to you.
  • Go out of your way to help someone
  • In general, treat others the way you would like to be treated.


  • Do what you’re told right away and cheerfully
  • Try to do your chores without even being told
  • Help your parents or around the house in ways that you don’t have to.
  • Do your schoolwork well and finish it before you play.

What Sacrfices can I make?