Welcome to the Catholic Kingdom, dear visitor.
These people of the kingdom are essential to your visit.
Brother Michael Joseph:

This monk lives at the Monastery. He writes letters to everyone in the Kingdom, inspiring all to a life of prayer and virtue. He also likes to answer questions people may have regarding anything spiritual. Br. Michael Joseph is also a teacher at the Monastery School, as he continues to give instruction on the Catholic Faith.

This young lady lives in her pleasant home in the country, where she shares what she likes to call, a "Fun Fact." These facts can come from the lives of the Saints, those of the famous, and even from the lives of people unknown and hidden. All of them true, there’s always something a little different. In addition to her facts, Dominique hosts her "Crusade of Mercy" for the Poor Souls in Purgatory.

He proclaims the royal announcements at the Gate. It is his job to notify everyone when something has changed in the Kingdom: a new story, puzzle, question, anything! Be sure to see Harold if you want to know what's new in the Kingdom.
Lady Gwendolyn:

She is the storyteller. Each story is told in chapters, until its completion. In her spare time, she works on compiling what she calls her "Scrapbook of the Saints"; a collection of true tales from their heroic lives. For interesting and edifying stories, visit Lady Gwendolyn in her chamber at the Castle. You will also find her at the Tournament Field, where she hosts the Kingdom’s annual Tournament.

This friendly little boy likes helping people find all the fun, inspiring, and educational items that can be downloaded for free. He can be found at the Plaza in the Marketplace, in front of all the vending stalls that display those free items. If you can't find where the Plaza is, go to the Marketplace and follow Richard. True to his task, he will gladly show you the way to the bustling Plaza and help you find anything you are looking for.

Sarah is Richard's twin sister. She stays at the Market Center because it is her job to make sure that all the free items on the Catholic Kingdom can easily be accessed by everyone from one special place. That is why she makes sure that even those items that are not in the Marketplace Plaza are on her special list. No matter what you are looking for, visit Sarah at the Market Center and she will help you find the free item you want to download!
Sir Stephen:

This noble knight can be found in his own manor. He hosts the Catholic Kingdom's "Question of the Fortnight". Every two weeks, Sir Stephen asks a new question and answers his previous one, displaying the names of those who answered correctly. Also, he has an impressive Art Gallery where all are invited to download beautiful Catholic artwork and masterpieces.
Sr. Catherine of our Sorrowful Mother:

This nun spends much time in prayer at the Chapel of the Holy Family. It is her duty to receive, organize and post all of the prayer intentions of the Catholic Kingdom. If you have any prayer requests, visit good Sr. Catherine of our Sorrowful Mother. She will offer a prayer with you, as she lights a candle for your intention.