St. Alphonsus Liguori
"The Game of Oranges"
Once, when St. Alphonsus Ligouri was a young boy, his companions started to play in a garden something which they simply called “The Game of Oranges.” His friends asked him to join in, but he excused himself on the plea that he did not understand the game. The boys would not except this excuse and they continued to ask him to play, until he at last consented.

Much to everyone's surprise, including Alphonsus', he won thirty games in a row! Each winning earned him more and more oranges. His success made his playmates jealous. So much so, that one of them suddenly exclaimed in a rage, "You are the one who does not know the game, are you?" adding, in his fury, a very vulgar and bad name.

Alphonsus turned in shock at his companion. "What is this?" he asked the angry boy. The wretched comment of his companion had pained Alphonsus greatly. But it was not for his own sake that he rebuked his friend.

"Shall God be offended for the sake of a few oranges?” he cried out passionately, nearly shouting. “Take them all back!" Throwing on the ground all that he had won, the young Saint turned his back on his companions and went to another part of the garden.