St. Jerome
"A Divine Rescue"
St. Jerome, the man who translated the Holy Bible from its original languages into the universal Latin dialect, is one of the most renown Doctors and Fathers of the Church. One day, this Saint was with a hermit by the name of Malchus. To St. Jerome’s surprise and great interest, his companion began to talk about an incredible incident that had happened in his past.

It all had started with the approaching death of Malchus’ aged mother. Malchus, therefore had requested and obtained permission from his superior to visit her. On the way to his mother’s home, Malchus was attacked by robbers (Saracens), and taken prisoner. These men then sold him to an Arab as a slave. By the mercy of God, Malchus was fortunate to have a fellow-slave who too was a Catholic and also a good, pious man. The two slaves were cruelly treated. Their master loaded them with work that was both painful and difficult. The two Catholics therefore became very desirous of regaining their freedom.

One day, God answered their prayers with a favorable opportunity to escape. Taking advantage of this, the former captives took flight. They had such success as to make it all the way to the desert without anyone even noticing their absence.