Blessed Giovanni Colombini lived in Siena, Italy during the fourteenth century. His wife’s name was Mona and they had two children. Giovanni was a very successful business man but he cared too much for money and possessions. His wife had been praying for his conversion so that he would lead a good Catholic life. One day when he came home and dinner was not yet ready she gave him a little book of Saint’s lives to read while he waited. He became outraged and threw the book down. Then, feeling guilty, he picked the book up and opened it. By the will of God he opened up to the story of Saint Mary of Egypt who had been a wicked women but was converted and lived a life of great penance to repair the damage done by her sins. Giovanni quickly became absorbed in her story. When his wife announced that dinner was ready he announced that dinner would have to wait until he was done reading the story and his wife rejoiced that God had answered her prayers.

In fact, Giovanni began to make reparation for the sins he had committed, particularly those caused by his love of money. He became generous and honest. He gave alms, fasted often, visited Catholic churches, and began a serious life of prayer and other devout works.

"The Leper cures the Lady"
Bd. Giovanni Colombini