The Virgin Mary
"The Mother of Him 'Whom the
wind and sea obey'"

It was during the late summer of 1845, when the English ship "King of the Ocean" was suddenly caught in a violent hurricane. The fierce winds whirled around madly, while the ocean's huge waves tossed the ship about like a toy. A protestant minister, Mr. Fisher by name, was onboard this unfortunate ship, together with his wife and children. They were huddled together on deck, along with other terrified passengers, praying for forgiveness and mercy. Mr. Fisher prayed hard, for he knew like the rest, that this hurricane was the last they would endure. The clouds grew all the more dark, the rains streamed down like bullets, and the waves continued to turn and throw them all about.

Amoung the crew was an Irish Catholic named John McAuliffe. It didn't take much time or intelligence to see that death was quickly approaching. Running up to the railing, the young man opened his shirt and took off his Brown Scapular. He blessed the roaring waves with it, making the Sign of the Cross. The merciless rains pelted