St. Dorothy
"Flowers from Heaven"

St. Dorothy (died aprox. 303) lived in Caesarea and was a rich and beautiful young woman. Being a Catholic and living during a time of great persecution of the Catholic Faith, she was arrested and tried at court. When told to sacrifice to the pagan gods in order to save her life, Dorothy replied,

"I despise your gods and pray to the one true God of Heaven, where I hope to live with Him. It is a land where there is neither night nor sorrow, a garden where lilies and roses and flowers of all kinds never fade."

A lawyer nearby, named Theophilus, laughed when he heard this 'foolishness'. He was a pagan and despised all Catholics and their Religion. Theophilus began then to ridicule Dorothy and this idea, in front of everyone present.

As Dorothy was being led away to be beheaded, Theophilus met her. He decided to make fun of her once more before her death.