St. Maria Goretti
"A Generous Sister"

St. Maria Goretti lived in Italy and was the second oldest child of her family. She was martyred at the age of 12 for refusing to commit a deadly sin. Maria was dearly loved by all who knew her during her short life. To read more about her go to the monastery, they have a book there about her heroic life and sacrifice.

One time, after Maria had finished buying all the little things her mother needed at the grocery store, the grocer, whose name was Giovanni, handed Maria something and said to her:

"Here, little one, I have a nice red apple for you."

"Thank you!" she said happily, and placed the apple in her bag.

The grocer was surprised at this and asked her what she planned to do with the apple.

"I'm going to take it home and give it to my younger brother, Alessandrino, he particularly likes apples." said Maria.