St. Margaret Mary Alacoque
"Burning Furnace of Love"

St. Margaret Mary, a French Visitation nun in France who lived during the 17th century, received many visions of Our Lord Jesus. She wrote down these experiences as well as the messages that Jesus would give her. It was through her that He instituted the devotion of the Nine First Fridays.

Amoungst the many pages, filled with Heavenly wisdom and treasure, we read from St. Margaret Mary’s own hand about the Love that burns in the Heart of Christ for us. But, she tells, Jesus is horribly hurt that in return for His great love for us, He receives only ingratitude. St. Margaret Mary writes:

"‘This,’ He said to me, ‘I feel more deeply than all I suffered in My Passion. If they would return to Me love for love, I should think but little of all that I suffered for them, and should wish, if it were possible, to suffer still more. But, instead of love, I meet with coldness and repulse on every side, in return for all My eagerness to do them good."