St. John Vianney
"An Unexpected Visitor"

Father Vianney once told an important guest, as he pointed towards the fireplace in his room, "No one would dare set foot on that tile in the floor if he knew what had happened there!"

This is a true story, which was told by one who had even participated in it. It was told for the beatification investigation into the sanctity of St. John Vianney.

Mlle. Etienette Durie was heading towards the rectory of the little parish church in Ars, France. She was carrying with her a good sum of money, which she was planning to donate to Father Vianney for a certain parish mission that he liked. It was May 8th, in the year 1840. As Mademoiselle Durie was quietly ascending the stairs of the rectory to Father Vianney's room, she heard voices.

"What are you asking?" said a gentle feminine voice.

"Good Mother," the other answered, "I ask for the conversion of sinners, the consolation of the afflicted, the relief of the sick - especially for a lady whose has long been suffering and is begging either to die or to be cured."