St. Frances of Rome
"My Husband is Dying!"

St. Frances of Rome had many spiritual gifts, amoung them the gift of prophecy. One day she was sent for by an acquaintance, Palozza Altieri. Upon arriving at the woman’s home the Saint found her almost out of her mind. The poor woman blurted out that her husband, Lorenzo, had been very sick - indeed he was dying. All possible solutions had been attempted by their doctor but none had worked and now the prognosis was that the man would die at any moment. Palozza was filled with despair at the thought that she and her young children would be deprived of a husband and father. When she learned that nothing on earth could save her spouse’s life she turned in desperation to Saint Frances, whom she was very privileged to know.

Inspired by God, the Saint calmed the distraught wife but then informed her how she could obtain God’s mercy. "Give up your love for this world and its vanities. If you do this, God will take pity on you. Lorenzo will yet recover. Indeed, he will be present when I am buried!"