Christmas Attractions

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To Read:
Br. Michael Joseph's letter "The Meaning of Christmas"

Lady Gwendolyn's story "A Christmas Crisis"

Saints Scrapbook story "The First Christmas Manger"

Dominique's Fun Facts:
179. New Herods
178. The Three Kings
154. The Infant in the Snow
132. When Was Jesus Born?
122. The Division of Time
89. Ingratitude's Reward
72. The Candy Cane
41. Seek and you shall find
40. The Power of Jesus' Name
39. The Beautiful Catherine
38. Do sins really hurt anyone?
21. The Foster-Father of God
16. A Christmas Gift
Coloring and Activities:
Print off Colorable Christmas pictures:
86. Holy Family in Bethlehem
82. Nativity Scene
79. Christmas Carolers
78. Cheerful Crèche
77. Mother of God
76. Holy Family’s Christmas
52. The Epiphany
51. Adoration of the Shepherds
50. King of Kings
49. Laid in a Manger
48. The Savior Is Born
47. Star of Bethlehem
46. Ode to Jesus
45. Silent Night
44. Christmas Joy
27. Christ and His cousin
10. Infant Jesus
8. The Nativity
7. A Family's Creche
Print off Christmas puzzles:
17. Spot the Differences 17. Solution
16. Wordsearch 16. Solution
13. Picture Crossword 13. Solution
The Incarnation, Birth, and Infancy of Jesus Christ_LIGUORI
The City of God (Volume 2) -The Incarnation_AGREDA
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Visit the Royal Treasury's Christmas Room and download Christmas gifts from previous years!
Visit the Nativity section of Sir Stephen's Art Gallery and download edifying masterpieces!