The Beautiful Catherine

It is related in the Dominican Diary for October 7th that, when St. Dominic was preaching at Rome, there was a sinner called the beautiful Catherine. She received a rosary from the hands of the Saint, and began to recite it; but she continued to lead a wicked life.

One day, Jesus appeared to her; first, as a young man and then, later, His appearance changed to that of a beautiful Infant. But there was a crown of thorns on His small head and a Cross upon His shoulders. There were tears streaming down His gentle face and blood flowing from His wounded body. Then, the suffering Child spoke to her.

“It is enough. No more, Catherine,” said Jesus. “It is enough; do not offend Me anymore; see how much you have cost Me since I began as an Infant to suffer for thee, and never left off suffering till My Death.”

Catherine immediately went in search for St. Dominic and, having found him, made a good confession. Following the holy man's instructions, she gave all that she had to the poor and shut herself up in a narrow cell. There, she led a life of such fervor, and received such graces from Our Lord, that St. Dominic was struck with admiration. And in the end, having been visited by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Catherine died a most happy death.