A long-standing friend and family of the Catholic Kingdom has been blessed wth several pilgrimages to the Catholic shrines of France and Italy. On these pilgrimages from many years ago, they took with them bags of religious items and sacramentals - which they would touch to the different relics and holy places that they came to. Subsequently, they have requested that the Catholic Kingdom distribute these now 3rd class relics by means of prizes.

And so, it is with great pleasure, that I present the following lists of the many different treasures that our sacramental prizes have been touched to.

One thing to keep in mind for some of our prizes - is that not everything was touched to everything on the list. And this is the only instance why; during these pilgrimages holy items would be purchased and then THESE would be incorporated into the traveling collection of ‘touchable’ sacramentals. So for example, an image of the Holy Face, purchased in Tours, France, would not have been touched to any of the relics/places above it in the list (Lisieux & St. Laruent sur Sevre), but would have then been included and touched to everything for the rest of the pilgrimage. In this respect, it must be noted that the France trips preceded the pilgrimages to Italy.

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City Place Touched To
Lisieux Carmelite Monastery - Tomb of St. Therese
Home of St. Therese - Home of St. Therese (fireplace, stairs, sick room, etc.)
Caen Visitation Monastery - Tomb of Leonie, St. Therese’s sister
Mont St. Michel Mont St. Michel - Main altar at top of Mount
St. Laurent sur Sevre Cathedral - Tomb of St. Louis de Montfort & Bl. Marie Louise Trinchet
Room where St. Louis de Montfort died - Room, floor, etc.
Montfort Missionary chapel - Piece of True Cross
Tours Holy Face Chapel - Tomb of Leo Dupont & Sr. Mary St. Peter
- Holy Face picture touched to Veronica’s Veil
Leo Dupont’s home - Leo Dupont’s chair, bed, and statue
Never St. Gildard Monastery - Tomb of St. Bernadette
- Room where she died
Visitation Monastery - Heart of St. Jane de Chantal
- Bed where St. Jane de Chantal died
- Walking stick of St. Francis de Sales
- Relic (heart & eyes) of St. Jane de Chantal
- Other relics of St. Jane (bed, kneeler, small items)
- Walking staff & Bishop’s Mitre of St. Francis de Sales
- 1st class relic of St. Gabriel of OL of Sorrows
- Ashes & teeth of St. Margaret Mary
Lourdes Grotto of Apparition - Grotto wall at Apparition site
- Place where St. Bernadette knelt to see BVM
St. Maximin la St. Baume Cathedral - Tomb of St. Mary Magdalen
Laus Apparition site of Our Lady (1600’s) - Tomb of Benoite Recurrel
- Oil from Sanctuary Lamp for OL of Laus
Benoite’s room (she lived & died) - Benoite’s bed
Annecy Visitation Monastery chapel - Tomb of St. Francis de Sales & St. Jane de Chantal
Paray le Monial Visitation Monastery chapel - Tomb of St. Margaret Mary
- Tomb of St. Claude de la Columbiere
Ars Parish Church of St. John Vianney - Tomb of St. John Vianney
- Confessionals of St. John Vianney
Poligny Poor Clare Monastery Chapel - Tomb of St. Colette (Poor Clare reformer)
Paris Vincentian Chapel - Tomb of St. Vincent de Paul


City Religious Articles Touched to This:
Nettuno (O.L. of Grace Church)
Nettuno (Maria Goretti’s home)
- Tomb of St. Maria Goretti
- Spot where she was martyred
Montecassino - Tombs of St. Benedict & St. Scholastica
Castel Pietro - Site of miraculous apparition of Pieta
- Statue of Pieta (where many prayers are answered)
San Giovanni Rotondo - Tomb of St. Padre Pio
- Door to his room, pews he kneeled on, crucifix he prayed before
Mt. Gargano - Walls of the cave of St. Michael
Lanciano - Case covering Eucharistic miracle
- Tomb of St. Gabriel of Sorrows
Cascia - Tomb of St. Rita of Cascia

(Monastery next to Portiuncula)
- Tomb of St. Francis & St. Clare
- Prison cell of St. Francis in his house, walls of his house
- Placed before San Damiano crucifix
- Walls of church made by St. Francis
- Spot where St. Francis was born
- Spot where St. Francis died
Loreto - Holy house of Holy Family
Bologna (Le Budrie) - Tomb of St. Clelia Barbieri
- Floor where she died
Bologna - Place where St. Dominic died
Padua - Tomb of St. Anthony
- St. Anthony’s tongue, vocal cords, & tunic, and other relics of him; plus many other relics
Lucca - Tomb of St. Gemma Galgani
Siena - Reliquary containing St. Catherine’s head
Siena - Placed before Eucharistic miracle & blessed by it
Cortona - Tomb of St. Margaret of Cortona
Rome (Catacombs) - Tomb of St. Sebastian (ancient & new)
- Places where Mass was said
Rome (St.Paul outside the Walls) - Tomb of St. Paul
Rome (St. John Lateran) - Altar used by St. Peter
- Placed before altar used at Last Supper
- Placed before the skulls of St. Peter & Paul
- Tombs of Popes
Rome (Santa Scala) - Holy stairs where Jesus’ blood dropped
Rome (San Giovanni e Paolo) - Passionist Monastery
- room where St. Paul of the Cross lived & died; his personal altar; original casket; and many other relics
Rome (Colloseum) - Walls
Rome (St. Peters Basilica) - Tomb of St. Peter, St. Pius X, St. Pius IX, XI, & XII, St. Leo the Great,
St. Gregory the Great; and other Popes
- Tomb of St. Andrew
- Tomb of St. Gregory Nazianzen
- Spear of St. Longinus
- Largest part of the True Cross; Veronica’s veil; original statue of Pieta
Rome (Santa Maria Maggiorre) - Tomb of St. Pius V and other Popes
- Relics of St. Matthew, St. Stephen, St. Lawrence, & St. Jerome
- Crib of Jesus
- Miraculous image painted by St. Luke
- “Salus Populi Romani”

Catholic Kingdom Relic Touch List