St. Valentine
Lifetime: d. 280
Way of Life: Martyr
Patron of / Invoked for: Greetings, Beekeepers,
Those Discerning Marriage
Traditional Catholic
February 14

St. Valentine was a holy priest in Rome in the third century. He lived at a time before Catholics were free to practice their Faith and when following Christ often meant certain death. For his part, St. Valentine worked together with St. Marius and his family to do what they could to assist the martyrs suffering under the persecution. The emperor was Claudius II. In time, though, St. Valentine was discovered, arrested, and brought before the pagan emperor.

Having summoned him, the emperor questioned him: "Valentine, why do you not earn our good will by adoring our gods and putting away your vain superstitions?"

Valentine answered: "'If you but knew the grace of God, you would not say these things; and you yourself would turn away from these idols, and would adore the God of Heaven!"

Then one of the emperor's men angrily challenged the Saint. "Do you ever stop disrespecting and degrading the perfectness of our gods?!"

"Your gods are but the wretched lies of men," Valentine replied boldly, "and they are soaked with uncleanness!"

The emperor Claudius then said, "If your Christ is the true God, tell me the truth!"

And Valentine made answer.

"The truth is this: that Christ is the only God, and that if you believe in Him your soul shall be saved, your power increased, your enemies put to flight!"

Moved by the grace in the Saint's words, Claudius turned to those around him. "Romans," he said, "do you hear how well and wisely this man speaks?"

But the prefect violently protested: "The emperor is being deceived and tricked! What? Must we now deny everything that we have believed since we were children?"

These words hardened the heart of Claudius, and he had Valentine brought to a prince of the court, to be guarded as a prisoner in his house. When Valentine had come into the prince's house, he raised his voice in prayer.

"Lord Jesus, You Who are the one and only Light, shed Your light upon this house, that those who dwell here may know You for the true God"

At this, the prince said to him.

"Since you proclaim that your Christ is Light, ask Him to restore sight to my daughter who is blind! And if He does this, I shall do all that you bid me."

Valentine did pray and from that hour the blind girl saw. Because of this miracle, the prince and his whole household was converted to the True Faith.

But the emperor Claudius was not moved. And Valentine was taken, beaten with clubs, and afterwards beheaded. He won the martyr’s crown on the 14th of February, about the year 280.