Note: An asterisk (*) means that the Saint is one of the Fourteen Holy Helpers
Name Way of Life Patron of/
Invoked for
* St. Acacius Martyr Death Agony Novena
* St. Barbara Virgin and Martyr Lightning, Fever, A Sudden and Unprovided Death Novena
* St. Blaise Bishop and Martyr Ills of the Throat Novena
* St. Catherine of Alexandria Virgin and Martyr Ills of the Tongue, A Sudden and Unprovided Death Novena
St. Catherine of Siena Virgin, Tertiary Nurses
* St. Christopher Martyr Travelers, the Plague, A Sudden and Unprovided Death Novena
* St. Cyriac Martyr Temptations, especially at the hour of death Novena
* St. Denis Bishop and Martyr Headaches Novena
St. Dominic Savio Confessor Choirboys, Children
* St. Erasmus Bishop and Martyr Ills of the Abdomen Novena
* St. Eustace Martyr Family Troubles Novena
St. Gabriel of Sorrows Religious Clerics
St. Gemma Galgani Virgin Pharmacists
* St. George Martyr Soldiers Novena
* St. Giles Abbot A Good Confession, the Plague Novena
Blessed Imelda Lambertini Virgin, Nun First Communicants
St. Isidore the Farmer Confessor Farmers & Madrid
St. Jane de Chantal Co-Foundress
St. Maria Goretti Martyr Purity, especially in children
* St. Margaret of Antioch Virgin and Martyr Pregnancy, Labor, Childbirth Novena
St. Martin of Tours Bishop Beggars, Soldiers
St. Michael the Archangel Archangel Those who fight the enemies of God Novena
* St. Pantaleon Martyr Physicians Novena
St. Rose of Lima Virgin, Tertiary South America
St. Thomas More Martyr Lawyers
St. Valentine Martyr Greetings, Beekeepers,
Those Discerning Marriage
* St. Vitus Martyr Epilepsy Novena