Our Lady of Sorrows
The Mother of God revealed to St. Bridget "I look around upon all who are in the world, to see if there may be any who will pity me, and meditate upon my sorrows, and truly, I find very few. Therefore, my daughter, though I am forgotten by many, at least do not you forget me; behold my anguish, and imitate, as far as you can, my grief."

Let us not then, ever forget her sighs and groans - her bitter pains and sorrows. Let us fix them deeply in our mind that, day by day we may recall them, meditate on them, and in this manner we will imitate her virtues, share in her merits, and obtain her special protection.

Of this we can be certain, to the extent that we compassionate Our Lady in her sufferings and meditate on her great sorrows, while thus our love for her grows daily “more and more," so also will our love for Jesus crucified still more continually increase.

“The grief of Mary was so great that, were it divided among all men, it would suffice to cause their immediate death.” (St. Bernardine of Sienna)

Our Lord Jesus Christ, Himself, revealed to Blessed Veronica of Binasco “My daughter, tears shed for My Passion are dear to Me; but as I loved My Mother Mary with an immense love, the meditation on the torments which She endured at My death is even more agreeable to Me.”

Mary will show us a grateful love, and, with her own most marvelous blessing, will bless those who, by compassionating her Sorrows, show themselves the most truly to be her children, and give the sweetest consolation to her afflicted heart.